How To Use The Koha Offline Circulation Plugin

What do you do if your power or internet connection goes down, or your Koha library system is slow or inaccessible? Go back to the dark ages and start writing with pen and paper? Surely not!

Koha has a very useful feature call Offline Circulation which allows you to continue processing check-ins and check-outs even when you can’t access your system. There are two tools it offers, one being a desktop application and the other a Mozilla Firefox plugin. In this article, I am going to show you how to setup and use the Mozilla Firefox Koha offline circulation plugin. You simply enter your staff page access parameters and credentials, and continue circulation offline until access to your system is restored.

I also strongly recommend using this method when you have a particularly busy period. The plugin is very fast, and you can upload and process items directly to the system when things quieten down again.

To Configure Plugin Parameters

  • Open Mozilla Firefox

  • Open the Koha offline circulation plugin (top right corner)


  • Param (parameters) and enter the following details (you only need to enter the first two – Server and Library Code – once).

Close and open Koha Offline Circulation Plugin again to save parameters

To checkout an item

  • Open the “Checkout” Tab

  • To confirm that the transaction has been accepted, open the “Log” tab

To Check In

  • Open the “Check In” tab

To Upload Circulation Transactions To Koha

Open the “Log” tab and confirm the transaction has been accepted

  • Open the “Log” tab

  • Click the “Commit to Koha” tab to upload circulation transactions to Koha system for review. The status will change from “Local” to “Added” when the upload is successful.

To process the offline circulation actions in Koha, log in to your Koha staff page, and go to Home > Circulation > Pending Offline Circulation Actions and process or delete transactions as you see necessary.

That’s it! Using the offline circulation system is a very easy and straightforward process that will save you tons of time and keep your library running even when you can’t access your system. Questions? Comments? Leave them below!